We understand the decision to purchase hearing aids is not easy. 

Questions most often asked are; Will they improve my hearing? Are they comfortable? Will they work within my budget? To find out if hearing aids are the right decision for you we offer the 60 Day NO RISK Guarantee. That’s right, wear state-of-art digital hearing aids for 60 days and, if you feel they have not improved your hearing, then return them, no questions asked. Here’s how it works:

  1. Make an appointment for an initial hearing evaluation.  IT’S FREE!

  2. Order and be fitted for the hearing aids of your choice. Come back as many times as you need to feel comfortable, with your decision and your new hearing aids.

  3. Experience what improved hearing does for you in your day-to-day life activities.




How much do hearing aids cost? 

What hearing aids cost is dependent on several factors.  The type of hearing loss, the severity of the loss and your lifestyle expectations will all play a part in determining the ultimate cost.  But know this, we will work very hard to balance your hearing needs with your budget.  We don’t use high pressure sales techniques.  What you spend is your decision.  We’re only here to guide you down the path to better hearing.  Also, if you are interested, we offer several financing opportunities including are very popular 12 month, 0% interest plan.*

*All financing plans are dependent on approved credit.